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Irish Fantasy League of American Football 1994-1996

Irish Fantasy League of American Football Logo [Ref: 1]


1994Crumlin Red Giants
1995Wicklow Wolves
1996Wicklow Wolves
Irish Fantasy League of American Football Champions 1994-1996 [Ref: 2]

Teams 1994-1996

Crumlin Red Giants1994-
Maltese / Mornington Mastodons1994-1995 /1996-
Wicklow Wolves1994-
Castleknock Cougars1994-
Leitrim Cruisers1994-
South Central Stingrays1995-
Corrigeen Crusaders1995-
Irish Fantasy League of American Football Teams 1994-1996 [Ref: 1]


The Irish Fantasy League of American Football started in 1994 with five teams: Crumlin Red Giants (Champions 1994), Maltese Mastodons, Wicklow Wolves, Castleknock Cougars and Leitrim Cruisers. Corrigeen Crusaders and South Central Stingrays joined in 1995, but the winners that year and in 1996 were Wicklow Wolves. The only change in 1996 was a move for the Maltese Mastodons to Mornington.

1997 saw another expansion team: Casement Cheetahs. this year the new, match-up league system was introduced, with two Conferences, Lombardi and Madden introduced, with teams placed in one or the other depending on where they finished the previous year. Promotion and Relegation was also introduced. (For the IFLAF 1997-2005 see: Irish Fantasy League of American Football 1997-2005 and for IFLAF 2006-2015 Irish Fantasy League of American Football 2006-2015 ). The League folded in 2015 after all of the original franchises had left.



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