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NFL Fantasy Football AFL Ireland 2020

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Irish Conference
Killiney Kats (C)1512301877.041618.20.800
The Blue Skies (P)1510502143.261504.18.667
Dublin City Storm (P)157801607.941745.30.467
National Conference
Longford Raiders (C)157801573.681648.64.467
Roscommon Rascals1551001161.041772.30.333
Knocklyon Thunderbirds1541101573.941648.28.267
NFL Fantasy Football AFL Ireland 2020 [Reference: 1]

Playoff Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
28.12.2020Killiney Kats (1)121.82Dublin City Storm (4)129.42
28.12.2020Longford Raiders (2)126.68The Blue Skies (3)168.96
5th Place Game
04.01.2021Roscommon Rascals (1)81.50Knocklyon Thunderbirds (2)117.44
3rd Place Game
04.01.2021Killiney Kats (1)102.80Longford Raiders (2)54.28
Fantasy SuperBowl
04.01.2021Dublin City Storm (4)116.12The Blue Skies (3)93.70
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Regular Season Results

W/EHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
14.09.2020Knocklyon Thunderbirds123.58Longford Raiders113.50
14.09.2020Roscommon Rascals143.84Dublin City Storm106.00
14.09.2020Killiney Kats180.74The Blue Skies158.42
Week 2
21.09.2020Knocklyon Thunderbirds130.92Killiney Kats131.28
21.09.2020Dublin City Storm109.26The Blue Skies133.30
21.09.2020Roscommon Rascals161.60Longford Raiders130.74
Week 3
28.09.2020Knocklyon Thunderbirds94.70Roscommon Rascals125.78
28.09.2020Longford Raiders122.40The Blue Skies186.26
28.09.2020Dublin City Storm104.18Killiney Kats126.56
Week 4
05.10.2020Knocklyon Thunderbirds151.60The Blue Skies118.10
05.10.2020Killiney Kats107.34Roscomon Rascals87.88
05.10.2020Dublin City Storm100.82Longford Raiders154.32
Week 5
12.10.2020Knocklyon Thunderbirds84.10Longford Raiders92.60
12.10.2020Roscommon Rascals21.04The Blue Skies166.06
12.10.2020Killiney Cats201.10Dublin City Storm130.50
Week 6
19.10.2020Knocklyon Thunderbirds71.88Dublin City Storm98.14
19.10.2020The Blue Skies119.60Killiney Cats122.90
19.10.2020Longford Raiders63.82Roscommon Rascals78.90
Week 7
26.10.2020Knocklyon Thunderbirds170.52Roscommon Rascals58.50
26.10.2020Longford Raiders84.40Killiney Kats73.90
26.10.2020The Blue Skies125.96Dublin City storm80.10
Week 8
02.11.2020Knocklyon Thunderbirds98.24Killiney Kats121.94
02.11.2020Dublin City Storm98.92Roscommon Rascals28.70
02.11.2020The Blue Skies127.20Longford Raiders72.00
Week 9
09.11.2020Knocklyon Thundrbirds106.70The Blue Skies121.34
09.11.2020Roscommon Rascals87.50Killiney Kats148.38
09.11.2020Longford Raiders102.62Dublin City Storm108.40
Week 10
16.11.2020Knocklyon Thunderbirds76.22Dublin City Storm90.06
16.11.2020The Blue Skies130.92Roscommon Rascals34.70
16.11.2020Killiney Kats54.00Longford Raiders102.10
Week 11
23.11.2020Knocklyon Thunderbirds126.28Longford Raiders91.96
23.11.2020Roscommon Rascals46.30Dublin City Storm96.80
23.11.2020KIlliney Kats158.38The Blue Skies142.76
Week 12
30.11.2020Knocklyon Thunderbirds82.50Killiney Kats104.48
30.11.2020Dublin City storm90.20The Blue Skies194.62
30.11.2020Roscommon Rascals65.60Longford Raiders115.70
Week 13
07.12.2020Knocklyon Thunderbirds92.12Roscommon Rascals100.10
07.12.2020Longford Raiders105.42The Blue Skies96.54
07.12.2020Dublin City Storm127.38Killiney Kats101.62
Week 14
14.12.2020Knocklyon Thunderbirds97.54The Blue Skies172.96
14.12.2020Killiney Kats123.72Roscommon Rascals51.40
14.12.2020Dublin City Storm156.72Longford Raiders114.56
Week 15
21.12.2020Knocklyon Thunderbirds104.84Longford Raiders107.54
21.12.2020Roscommon Rascals69.20The Blue Skies149.32
21.12.2020Killiney Kats123.86Dublin City Storm110.42
NFL Fantasy Football AFL Ireland 2020 [Reference: 2]


In the first season of AFL Ireland Fantasy NFL, Roscommon Rascals and Killiney Kats jumped off the 3-0 starts in the National Conference and Irish Conference respectively. Only Killiney Kats were able to keep up the pace finishing with a 12-3 record. By the end of the season they had won the Irish Conference and Longford Raiders the National Conference although all teams in that Conference finished with a losing record.

The Raiders finished on 7-8, with the Roscommon Rascals (5-10) and Knocklyon Thunderbirds (4-11) entering the Consolation Bracket. Also qualifying for the Championship Playoffs in the Irish Conference were The Blue Skies who finished second on 10-5, and Dublin City Storm on 7-8.

The Playoffs featured a number of shocks – Knocklyon Thunderbirds defeated Roscommon Rascals to win the Consolation and Dublin City Storm shocked both Killiney Kats in the Semi-Finals and The Blue Skies in the Fantasy SuperBowl. Killiney Kats beat Longford Raiders to take third.



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