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Madden NFL | Irish American Football League | Shamrock Bowl XXII Simulation


DateHome TeamAway Team
Shamrock Bowl XXIISimulation
31.07.08UL Vikings14Dublin Rebels25


The Madden NFL Computer Game Franchise is a computer simulation of American Football, licensing real National Football League players and teams – it is named after John Madden, a former player and commentator who licensed his name for use in the Computer Games and took part in some of the creation of it.

The IAFL Shamrock Bowl Simulation is what happened after the Irish American Football League inputed all the data for the 2008 IAFL Shamrock Bowl players into the game and played a simulation of the Shamrock Bowl. Dublin Rebels beat University of Limerick Vikings 25-14


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[1] Irishamericanball | You Tube (2008) IAFL Shamrock Bowl XXII Simulation [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 26 June 2019]


Thanks to Alan Delaney, Eoin O’Fearghail, Conor Conolly-Mulcahy, Dara Conolly-Mulcahy

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